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DS18 PW-OFC2/0GA-15RD True 2/0-Gauge Ultra Flex OFC Oxygen Free Copper Ground Power Cable, 15' (Red)

  • True 2/0 Gauge High Quality Oxygen Free Copper Power/Ground Cable
  • Red in color and very flexible to run and install
  • 15ft long spool
  • Included in this package is one Red OFC Power Wire 2/0 Gauge Super Flex 15 Feet
  • CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Power or Ground wire

Pattern Name:2/0-Gauge Single Roll | Style:OFC | Color:Red

The DS18 accessories have brought the best value to the industry in that they deliver the best quality without breaking the bank. Our Power and Ground cables are made with top quality materials to make sure that you don't run into any power or grounding issues with your system. These are the wires that any serious customer "goes to" for their installation.

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